YoungCare’s Second Transnational Project Meeting: Advancing Support for Informal Caregivers and Younger Individuals in Need of Care

YoungCare is dedicated to formulating strategies to assist informal caregivers and younger individuals in need of care, reached a significant milestone during its second transnational Project Meeting on October 16.

This gathering delved deeply into various critical aspects of the project with the aim of creating a positive impact. The National Reports served as the foundation for the Compendium, which was briefly introduced at the meeting and will undergo peer review by all partners throughout the month of October. The Compendium primarily focuses on values, expectations, and practical solutions, underlining its emphasis on practicality. It serves as a valuable resource designed to help informal caregivers navigate their roles more effectively and provide solutions for younger individuals in need of care.

Additionally, a potential structure for the curriculum and e-learning platform, to be developed as part of the project, was presented and discussed. The initiative is currently in the process of creating e-learning resources primarily tailored to informal caregivers, equipping them with the knowledge and skills required to navigate their roles effectively, build resilience, and offer practical solutions.

The meeting also included updates on the project’s Sharing and Promotion efforts, underscoring YoungCare’s commitment to reaching a broader audience and ensuring that the strategies developed have a far-reaching impact.

With the collaborative efforts of dedicated partners, coordinated by ISIS-Sozialforschung (Germany), including SHINE 2Europe (Portugal), Paritaet Selbsthilfe (Germany), AFEdemy, age-friendly environments academy (The Netherlands), Cadiai (Italy), and Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas (Lithuania), YoungCare is making significant progress towards its goal of providing support for informal caregivers and enhancing the lives of younger individuals in need of care.

The project is not only promoting understanding but also taking steps to improve the quality of life of the target group.

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